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HELP 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Shuts Down On Highway! -- 2 trips to the dealer did not fix the proble

My 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is shutting down completely on the highway only after over 60 miles of driving. A red yeild symbol flashes on the dash with the message, pull over safely. The car locks up and disables the ability to drive it. I then have to pull over on the busy highway, wait 10 minutes and turn back on the car. This will keep happening after continued long drives. I took it to a Ford dealer service department where they said it was a software issue, did some programing and sent me on my way. The car did the same thing on my next long trip. A few days after that I took it to a different dealer, where they said the water pump needed to be replaced. They replaced the water pump and assurred me it was fixed. One day later it did the same thing! I brought it back to the Ford dealer where we are now at a stand still with them not believing me that there is a problem and me telling them, please believe me, you need to drive it over 60 miles on the highway for it to happen!


If it’s lighting up dash lights, and shutting the engine down, then it should be storing a trouble code in the computer. Has the dealership not checked this?

Assuming you are not in California, drive it to an Autozone and ask them to read your stored codes - they’ll do it for free. Write down the codes (not what the clerk says the codes mean, but the actual codes, which will be in a P#### format) and post them here.

Have you checked the 12V battery? That’s what killed my 2011 MKZ hybrid. Luckily I was in a parking lot.

With them, the 12V battery is only there for accessories, not start the car, so you get no hint that it’s failing until it dies.

I have the same problem were you able to find the problem? if yes please let me know.

How old is your 12v battery?