Hello, help me please

engine light came back on after replacing both oxygen sensors (both are lower sensors Moogs) What else can it be?

I’m not one that will help you, but I know the more knowledgeable ones will ask:
What are the codes the system is kicking out? Many auto parts stores will read them for you.
What prompted replacement of the oxygen sensors?
Are there other symptoms other than the engine light?

Any 1 of another 100 possibilities. Without telling us the specific code, the model, the engine, or even what year the car is you not going to get anything much besides. "I think you got ripped off because the 1967 Hilux doesn’t have any oxygen sensors.


AutoZone (and, perhaps all those other auto parts shops) will lend you a code reader. Drive there, borrow it, read your code, write it down, return it. They’ll tell you what it says. Then they’ll try to sell you the part. They’ll probably have a good price, but you don’t have to buy. You can continue this thread instead.