Helicron/French propeller driven car

I am sure you guys have seen the last Grand Tour episode where they visit french cars and Hammond drives that propeller driven car which I guss is called the helicron or Helica.

This doesn’t actually strike me as a bad idea, just not great for road travel. For arguments sake, one could seal up the body to prevent from coming in t othe body and attach a couple of air filled barrels to the sides in order to make it an amphibious vehicle. Assuming you could figure a way to get it to start on the water after a stall you could concievably use it to cross both land and water. The simple attachment of a drop down rudder in the back to be used by the passenger would work and could be used in bayou type environments.

so, just for purposes of exposition, one could utilize the Helicron to transverse low lying areas and small slopes across land and water. It’s not that different from the vehicles used in the bayou now that people use for hunting but has the added benefit of road worthiness.

I mean, it could work

And so would this. Might want a different front tire,

It could work

No, it can’t… for a lot of reasons determined by even the French… a country that elevated automotive technology from 1886 to about the 1920s and then wandered into the strange…and the really strange.

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but you say that like being strange is a bad thing. I mean, do you really want to live in a world without the Renault 5 Turbo? or Citroen’s hydrolic suspension? I don’t.

There’s an old saying about French engineering:

The French copy nobody, and nobody copies the French.


or you could just get one of these.

WaterCar - Manufacturer of World’s Fastest Amphibious Vehicles

i dont have the chin for it

Reminds me of the 1960’s Hovercraft concept mania.

Great idea unless you get a stiff wind.


I have engineered hydropneumatic suspensions for prototype cars in my work for a major automotive supplier. Passive, semi-active and fully active suspensions. Really cool stuff. Complicated and expensive. Ride like a magic carpet. But impractical.

The automotive world doesn’t need an R5 turbo. It was fun for the really short time that it lasted but then so was the L88 big block Corvette and the Crosley Hot Shot.

Annnnddd your post is just made up horse pucky but mine is actual truth…

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Who would ride behind the car? It seems like it would kick up debris and damage vehicles and injure anyone that is hit by the debris. No one stands behind planes for a reason.

your problem iis you don’t dream. If we didn’t dream, we never would have made it to the moon. Without dreams our minds consume themselves in paranoia. The Viet Cong knew that; that’s why they used sleep deprivation as a form of torture.

I know the difference between dreams and fantasy…

I worked in research and development for over 30 years. I was granted more than 3 dozen US patents. What I dream, I can make reality.