When I drive the car it puts out alot of heat. But sitting still there is hardly no heat. Radiator is full of antifreeze.

When you turn the blower fan on does it actually come on? And increase in speed as you move through the fan speeds? And are you really saying that your blower fan doesn’t work?

Or are you saying that you sit at idle and the car blows lots of air out of the vents but the air isn’t hot?

My guess would be the water pump. What year and how many miles on your Focus? Has the water pump ever been replaced?

If the HVAC controls are vacuum operated, a leak in a vacuum hose can cause this problem.

Buy you haven’t told us enough. Is the HVAC blower working? Is the engine temperature in the normal range?

How old is your Focus, and how many miles has it accumulated?

There might be air trapped in the cooling system. If there is, you’ll get heat when moving because the water pump spins fast enough so the coolant pushes the air out of the heater core. When stopped idling, the water pump slows down to where the coolant flow slows to a point where the air accumulates in the heater core which is the highest point in the cooling system, and you get no heat.