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Heater...HELP : )

Hey all! I own a 2002 Toyota Celica with about 80,000 miles on it.

Everything works very well…except my heater when the car is standing still…like at a stop light, or in a drive thru. When the car is moving the heater is nice and warm.

When the car is running, but still, the vents blow cool air.

Can anyone help?

Should I still drive it? How much will it cost to fix?

FYI - My hatch back tends to fall by itself when I unload trunk. Right on my head! Ouch! The dealer wanted upwards of $600 to repair it. So, I am concerned about a high cost of repair for the heater issue!!! I didn’t repair the hatch. I use a stick to prop it open. Much cheaper.


Check the coolant level. If it’s low it can this problem.


As Tester said, check the coolant level in the radiator. Looking at the plastic overflow bottle is not good enough. You have to open the radiator cap. The radiator should be completely full, right up to the cap. If it isn’t, you must add coolant, which you can get from any auto parts store.

You don’t need to pay dealer prices to fix the failed hatch struts. You can buy them at auto parts stores, too (for WAY less than $600), and then the hatch won’t hit you on the head any more.

You should find an independent mechanic and stop paying the Toyota dealer to maintain your Celica. Dealers are the most expensive place to take a car, but they don’t employ mechanics who are any better than the independents. You can save money and not have these headaches.

A somewhat plugged heater core will also do this not enough coolant will flow across the core at low eng speed and will cool down.

New hatchback struts cost very little at most stores and can be pried off and pushed on usually. Anybody can do it who uses hand tools for almost any purpose. You don’t have to replace the little knobs that screw into the hatch. It wouldn’t hurt to change them but you can be lazy.

Check the coolant level, if it is low fill it. If it is full then you have air in the system and it needs to be “burped”. A stubborn air pocket needs a special tool to be removed.

Go to a parts store and buy gate struts. Easy to change out.

these responses help me too - my coolant is a bit low and maybe thats why my heater isnt going so good.

That is good to hear! Glad it helped.