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Heater core replacement 1983 ramcharger

How much of the interior is really gotta come out I love this car and really don’t want to junk it, shes got a 283 small block and is worthy of investing my time

A service manual, such as Haynes, would tell you exactly how much of the interior has to come out to reach the heater core. Why would you consider junking it just because it needs a heater core?

The heater box has a panel that is removed to gain access to the heater core.


The haynes manual I have doesn’t even mention header cores? go figure

Just a little update for anyone that wants to tackle this one. There is no removable panel, the whole heater box has to be dropped and the top removed to gain access, this involves removal of ash tray, glove box, all vents, all vacumn lines side panels, ac, dash structual supports heater fan, not a project for the lite of heart.
Ps during my original frustration I miss quoted she’s a 1984 with a 283 chev engine and now she has a new heater core and the absence of one ugly ac unit