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Heater blows but not getting warm

2003 jeep Grand Cherokee heater blows but not getting warm… What can I do?

Take it into a service shop. Either the engine is not heating up (is the check engine light on?) or the door actuator to direct the air past the heater is broken or you have a huge air bubble in the cooling system. You haven’t posted nearly enough info for a better guess.

Or possibly your coolant level is low. If the coolant level is low enough, it won’t flow through the heater core. Then there’s the issue of where it’s going… As Mustangman said, time to take it in.

Put full strength coolant in, looked on urine bled the air, should I flush before I have heatercore changed?

U tube. It was supposed to say u tube

A common problem on the Grand Cherokee with automatic temperature control is that the blend door shafts break. Going though the glove box you can access the passenger side blend door actuator and check the blend door.

Full strength (traditional) coolant needs to be mixed 50-50 with water. If not, it will not provide much protection against freezing, and maybe boilover, too. There is also premixed coolant, that you don’t dilute. Be sure of what you put in.