Heat sheild for cold air intake?

I recently ordered an AEM short ram intake, i was wondering if it is necessary to purchase a form of protection for the filter, a heat shield or one of those special bags they make? thanks

Yes i realize i spelled shield wrong, sorry i was in a hurry and listening to George W. Bush talk.

And what kind of car is this? What year? What model? What engine?

When did George W. Bush develop the ability to “talk?”

Send the “Short Ram Intake” back. It won’t do what it claims to do, and you’re wasting your money.

It is, however, your money, and if you choose to waste it . . .

I’m guessing something front wheel drive with 4 banger and pseudo sporting pretensions

It’s actually a 2001 mercury cougar with a 2.5L V6, cat back exhaust and i just want the cold air intake for a little sound. And you’re right mcparadise G W can’t talk lol

Well I was half right. Unless you have some kind of ram-air hood/ducting, a short ram is waste of money. It’ll just suck warm air from the engine. If you want to get performance out of that car, go look for a wrecked SVT Contour and get the engine from it.