Heat gradiant dial/slider


Sometimes when I have the A/C on in the summer it gets too cold, so I get into a tedious on off battle with the A/C button trying to maintain a comfortable temperature between the sun beating down and the frosty air coming out of my vents. After hearing the broadcast regarding the A/C compressor cutting out I had a thought and figured I’d ask the experts:

If I turn the temperature dial away from the far left (cold) towards the heat, is the car smart enough to decrease the rate of compression for the A/C unit to generate less cold air, or is it just generating warm air and mixing it? i.e. is it more fuel efficient (even marginally) for me to turn the dial then if I left the A/C on?


It mixes. The compressor does not have the ability to change the pressure it creates. The system simply mixes warmer air in with the cold air.