Heat/AC fan only runs at high

I have a 2007 Subaru Impreza, and just yesterday I noticed that the heater/ac fan only works when the switch is turned to high. The lower settings do nothing. I assume this is a fairly cheap part to replace (the relay?) also assume it’s not much labor… Is this a fair assumption?

When this happens the culprit is usually the blower resistor pack, which should be located near the blower in the HVAC duct work.

This should not cost much to replace. If you can see and reach the resistor pack this falls handily into the DIY category.

It’s unusual to hear of this happening in a car only two years old. Often when the resistors start to go you lose the fan speeds one at a time until there’s nothing but “high.” I know people who’ve driven around for years with one or two fan speeds missing.

Right. Exactly, I thought it weird too that I’d lose more than one speed at once, but not all of them.
Thanks for the advice. Will see if I can find said resistor pack on my own…