Headrest removal Plymouth Voyager

Hi All,

I have a Plymouth Voyager LE 1993 and haven’t been able to figure how to release the headrest from the passenger seats.

There is no button or lever that I could find to slide the headrest that is mounted on a steel bar out of that back of the seat.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I Have A Newer Caravan. It Could Be Different, But I’ll Offer A Suggestion.

Look at the top of the seat where the headrest post(s) goes (go) into it. Is there a plastic trim piece with the post hole in it ?

Look at these plastic pieces and see if it looks like a little tab can be gently pried out and removed to reveal a tiny horizontal slot or look for a tiny slot that’s not covered.

Should you find a slot, insert a little flat-blade screwdriver in it and push inward to depress and release the locking mechanism. While releasing it , lift up on the headrest and lift it out of the seat.

Take a look. I don’t know if this works on your older Voyager, but that’s what works on my Caravan.



thanks for your suggestion. Yes, there is a plastic trim piece and there is a tiny (about 1/8" by 3/32" slot in the middle on both side. I tried to stick something like a flat screwdriver into that slot multiple times but the headrest interfears to get it in much more than 1/8"