Headrest Position


What is the proper or safe position for the headrest to be set,the top of the headrest should be at the same level of the top of your head? Or top the headrest to be in the middle of your head? Which way would cause less damage to the head and or neck in a rear-ended collision? I usualy will not lean my head on the headrest while driving. Will this lead to more damage to the neck and head in a rear-ended collision?


Headrest designs vary somewhat. The rule of thumb for the vehicles I’ve owned has been the top of the headrest at ear level. I got this information from my owner’s manuals. Check yours for the proper answer.


Headrest designs vary somewhat. Bounce your head gently back into the headrest for a test. The worst case is if the headrest is too low. You will feel it. If your head is well cushioned then you have it right. There is probably be a range of headrest heights that is perfectly OK.


I think NYBo is more on the money. Whiplash prevention, main reason for the headrest, is all about limiting the weight of head from sharply and quickly snapping your neck at the base of your skull. To that end, limiting the arc motion of tallest point of one’s head is as critical as protecting the base of your skull from acute movement. This is the reason why later design headrests have height, cushion, and curvature that earlier designs lack.


i set the center of the headrest to center of the back of my head. that way there would be less snapping around of the neck.