What can cause both headlights to be dim when the alternator is working properly?

Poor ground connections.

Weak Batter.

Clouded lenses.

how do you know they are dim? By “dim” do you mean they are in the low beam mode or that they are actually not as bright as they should be? How do you know the alternator is working properly? When does this occur, always? What kind of car, what year, what mileage?

I used weak batter in my pancakes this morning. Would that explain why my eyes have been half shut all day?

On the road both are half bright in high beam. The alternator shows about two volts higher than the battery, which is new. The alternator does not let the battery run down. This problem is all the time. Ford Ranger, 1988, 125000 miles.

lenses are new

What are the voltages you are getting? Your statement is a little hard to follow. With the truck running, you should be getting 13.6V to 14.6V at the battery.

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The cover of my headlights feel like sandy and blurred and I think this is the reason why the lights are not strong… Is there any way to sand them clear or do I have to change them?

Correct, that is what I get.

This only affects the high beams? Try disconnecting each headlight separately and see how the other light is. It sounds like they are running in series rather than parallel for some reason. Maybe a defective bulb.

OK.OK…I forgot the Y…

Weak Battery. Is that better…

You can polish them clear. The more expensive way is to use a plastic polish like Meguiar’s PlastX. Just rub on with a sponge, then remove with a soft cloth.

Or, the cheaper and almost as effective method is using a small amount of regular toothpaste. Just do the same thing, smear on, rub off (removal seems to work better if you use a bit of water on the lens, either spit or snow or whatever.) Just repeat whatever you do every six months or so, or as needed.

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affects low and high beam. I tried one headlight at a time, still dim.

Have you had the headlamp aim adjusted? They could be a little too high, keeping them from lighting up the road…

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