Headlights: Projector Type and Standard Type

used the kids porter cable buffer today. went with medium cut paste and than finished with plastic polish. lenses went from sketchy (14yrs old) to pretty dang nice. light output is better.

Outstanding. It’s surprising how much of an improvement that can make.
Try the Silverstar bulbs too. I’ll bet you’ll be pleased with the results.

If the fogging is on the outside, you should try removing it. Get the Meguiar’s headlight restoration kit (probably for under $20) and try it. You might even be able to get away with just buying PlastX alone and applying it by hand with lots of rubbing. If the fogging is on the inside or if the reflectors have deteriorated, then you really should consider replacing the headlights.

As others have said, new bulbs would be a good idea too, as they dim over time. Make sure never to touch the glass part with bare skin when installing them.

hard to get a pic of clear lense with or without flash. too much reflection

little better

Nice work!

First, clean up the len’s with a restoration kit…Get rid of the fogged lens. Then step up to the SilverStars…

Update!!! The old bulbs on the headlights were Sylvania SilverStar Ultra. But it lasted almost 2 years.

I’ll experiment on the available bulb brands.

For the fogs or oxidation on the headlights, I’ll try to use Windex and baking soda. And if there is a distilled white vinegar available, then I’ll use it also with the baking soda.

Good life.
For the record, bulb life is rated in operating hours. If the tungsten ain’t hot, it ain’t deteriorating. I always have my lights on for that extra visibility (them seeing me) regardless of the time of day or weather, and for years I commuted, so the life impacts me more than most. I consider it worth the extra cost to get the extra light, but I try to be sensitive to the life issue when installing them in others’ cars.