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Head gasket

what are the signs of a bad head gasket.

Coolant in the oil. Combustion gasses in the coolant. Loss of coolant with no visible leaks. Compression leak-down. Cooling system pressure loss. Steam from the exhaust pipe.

Any or all of the above.

Also, the presence of oil in the coolant.
Look in the coolant overflow container, and if you see a line of very dark material, that is likely oil residue that has seeped into the cooling system.

Don’t forget over-heating.
Look for bubbles coming up through the coolant in the radiator overflow canister while the engine is hot and running.

Big Dollar Sign$, Unless It’s DIY. Also, Possible Poor Running, Chugging, Etcetera.

Another sign of a blown head gasket is very rapid pressurization of the cooling system, sometimes resulting in a blown radiator or hose. It often happens so fast the radiator cap can’t release the pressure fast enough.

What are YOUR symptoms?