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Head Gasket Replacement 3.7 V6

I am preparing to replace head gaskets on a V6 with a cast iron block & aluminum heads . I will do the necessary checking of the heads & block . Anyone have a problem with Felpro MLS head gaskets ?

You’ll need a precision straight edge and feeler gauges to check for warpage on the aluminum heads.

Cast iron engine blocks aren’t prone to warpage.

Felpro is one of the major suppliers to the automotive industry.


I have exclusively used Fel Pro head gaskets for nearly every engine I’ve rebuilt or serviced. I trust them completely. The MLS, I believe, is specifically designed for aluminum head to cast iron block applications. No re-torquing required and they seal against rougher surfaces than “factory fresh”. But check for straightness on the block and heads as @Tester suggests.

MLS head gaskets have many applications

Not just aluminum head to cast iron block

Many all aluminum engines also use MLS head gaskets, from the factory

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