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Head gasket failure?

Car is a 94 prelude Si H23A1 engine 230,000miles stock. No check engine light. Exhaust gases are getting into the coolant, fluid bubbles up and comes out on a cold engine after starting with rad cap off. However there seems to be no coolant in the oil, fairly certain of that nor does it seem to be burning coolant, spark plugs are perfect and it doesn’t blow smoke.

Also having some cooling issues, not sure if that caused the head gasket failure or the head gasket failure is the cause of the cooling issues. I never let it get hot enough to boil the coolant but the gauge did go a bit past half a few times. I have put two different thermostats in the thing all verified to open in hot water, however they don’t seem to open in the car top hose is very hot bottom is cold, not warm, cold. Heat works great still. At the moment the thermostat is removed, only way I can keep it from overheating. Coolant temp sensor and temp sender were also replaced.

Besides that the car runs great, no loss of power, no misfires. Idles fine with the thermostat in, obviously idles high without it as it never really gets up to temp.

This sounds a lot like a bad head gasket to me.