HD radio

I have a 2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The radio has the GPS built in, so I don’t really have much option to put something else in its place. How do I get this converted to HD radio. I would like to listen to clear AM radio, because Saturday afternoon football is on AM and not FM around here. I don’t really want to put a second radio in the car. The system is ready to have satellite radio installed, but they don’t carry the station that has Spartan Football. AM reception on this car is poor at best. Is there a solution?

Check at www.Crutchfield.com. They’ll have all the options for you. You can also call them at their toll free number.

As for HD…Not sure there’s such a thing as HD for AM. I thought this was strictly FM.

Yes, there is HD for AM. I also agree that you should talk to Crutchfield. They will know what options you have for your specific car.

Your situation is why I dislike some car maker’s efforts to force you to keep their stock radio. Ford seems to be a major culprit. They made the old Taurus radio oval so a standard replacement was difficult, and they incorporate non-radio related controls into the stock radio. Even so, there are aftermarket companies that have adapters and work arounds. Good luck.