Haunted power door lock

1998 GMC Jimmy - - After starting the engine, the four doors should automatically lock. All four lock except the driver’s door pops up immediately. Normally this means something is open, like the rear hatch window. Except the window is closed. Also at the same time, the dome light is acting goofy. It won’t turn on when doors are opened like it should. If you push the dome override switch, the dome light turns on, which means the light is not burned out. I’ve checked the driver’s side door switch. It seems to work because when the key is in the ignition and you open the door, the chime rings. Push the switch in and the chime stops. What is causing the door lock to pop up and why isn’t the light coming on when the door is open? I’ve checked fuses on the inside of the vehicle in the fuse box above the door switch and haven’t found any blown fuses. Is there another fuse or relay in that fuse box under the hood that would cause this problem?