Has anyone used the microgreen oil filter?

Has anyone used the microgreen oil filter and followed their recommended service pattern and if so were you using conventional or synthetic oil? It claims change filer 2x yr and oil 1x/2yrs.

After listening to car talk I switched from changing oil and filter every 3000 or 3500 miles to 5000. Besides that’s when the manual says to and I do use manufacturers oil filter.

Maybe time to make another change.


First thing I noted was no warranty, so you are assuming all the risk.

Can’t say I will be doing that…

Didn’t go much deeper than the first page because the website’s security certificate was not up to date, so that’s strike #2.

Sorry I don’t buy it.

This is almost as good as that new battery someone posted a couple weeks ago.

Stick to your 5000 mile oil changes and everything will be fine. Easy to remember and safe for about 90% of drivers out there.

The safe bet:
5000 miles or 6 months and a non-exotic filter that meets the makers spec.

Other than the spam angle of the post I don’t buy into some of what they relate on the site.
They state the filters will take out particles from 2-5 Microns (normal filter 25 give or take). This means the element is going to clog much more easily than a normal filter but according to them the filter is designed to bypass oil. I take it to mean unfiltered oil.

Just sounds like another startup company vying for investment dollars and taxpayer funded contracts. Apparently they’ve already snagged the state of NY into one. You see the same thing with Pulstar spark plugs, the Persu elec. 3 wheeler (formerly the VV1), and even Tesla.

Based on the BS and the price I think I’ll pass on them. Give them credit though. They got the money angle of it figured out.
Twenty six bucks a pop for a filter to be changed every 3k miles equates to close to 900 bucks worth of filters over a 100k miles. Not counting oil.

I didn’t even look at the link. Don’t need to. Until your car’s manufacturer supports it’s use, and willing to cover it’s use with the car’s warranty, I would run from offers like this.

BTW, manufacturers do not make oil filters. They buy them from someone else, and have them labeled with their logo and part numbers. I also purchased Toyota oil filters until I found out that Purolater makes the filters Toyota uses. Now, I buy Purolater filters at Pep Boys cheaper than the dealer’s price. The filters at Pep Boys also features the same anti-drain back valve that Toyota demands to be used.

You don’t have to go nuts looking for oil filters. More or less than normal performance means what? Nobody knows, but if I had to sell one I would sure pretend I knew something.

The way I read it is most of the oil goes through a conventional filter element and a small percentage goes through a fine filter.
To me it seems like a scaled down setup truckers used to do with a roll of toilet paper.

They call for a filter change every 6k miles.

I don’t think this filter will do anything for viscosity changes or liquid contaminants from short trip driving.