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Has anyone tried COSTCO's used-auto program?

I picked up a brochure on it and am wondering how it is. It looks like a good program, especially because I have always had good experiences with COSTCO and returning things. Has anyone used this program? Thanks!

I have never heard of it, and the nearest Costco is a couple hours away from me. What exactly is this program? Is Costco in the business of selling used cars now? If they are, I wouldn’t count on it being as easy to return a car as it is to return consumer merchandise and unwanted gifts to the store.

If it’s the same program they had back in '92 when it was Price Club, I’ve used it. Basically, you tell them what make of car you’re interested in, and they refer you to a dealer who sells them and has agreed to present you with a fixed price rather than all the idiotic haggling that usually goes along with buying a car.

You can search the same prices on or similar websites. To me it seemed like the prices were the same, they just took the haggling option out, you just have to pay sticker price. Not my pie.

The credit union does the same thing. Certain dealers at $100 over invoice, or fixed price. Most of the enlightened dealers have pretty much fixed pricing now anyway but a car purchase can be complicated with trades, add ons and so on.

We tried it. It works basically as described by Dadoctah. One dealer didn’t seem to want to deal with us; this other did, but we ended up by a different car elsewhere. We’ve generally had good experiences and saved money with Costco’s buyers assistance programs, including buying a new car. I think you get a rebate if you buy a car through Costco’s program. I recommend giving it a try along with doing some internet searches on your own to figure out the best deal.