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Hard turning wheel

I have a 1993 Toyota Camry that has a tough time turning the wheel through its axis when it is cold and when it is damp. It’s worst when the car is starting for the day. The wheel will clunk-clunk-clunk in my hands and will barely make the turn, especially at the extreme end of the turn axis. What the heck is going on? Several mechanics and money gone by haven’t been able to figure it out! :frowning:

Most likely you have a bad steering rack. If ignored, the day will arrive when you will suddenly be unable to turn the wheel while driving around a curve. Before that happens, I would suggest that you get this car to a qualified mechanic.

did the shops put the car on a lift the check this. if they did the pressure was taken off the wheels and the rack will move easy. .if the stering wheel does it don,t move the car get two jacks lift the tires off the ground and see how it works. did they check ball joints. check the top strunt bearings . .

Has anyone checked the tire pressure? That may sound like a stupid question, but…

“Morning sickness” on rack and pinions was very common a few years ago but is less common now. That sounds like the problem and it is caused by the valves in the rack. Flushing the fluid sometimes helps enough to buy some time until it is convenient to get it into a shop but it seems that soon or very soon a rack is in order.

A 1993? It’s also possible that you have a shot ball joint that’s binding up. I concur that this should go to a good shop ASAP.

What have the “several mechanics” checked at this point?