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Hard to find Jeep Liberty camshaft

My friend has a '04 Jeep Liberty (2.4l dohc)and recently had her 1st oil change in over a year (I know right). Next day, the engine stalled. She immediately pulled right over and had it towed home (the only good part of this tragedy). It did turn over so I opened the engine up and saw 2 drivers side cam bearings shattered (probably from a recently freed chunk of something blocking oil from reaching the top).

Well, the camshaft is pitted and needs to be replaced (along with the broken bearings). The problem is I can’t find one anywhere near a reasonable price. I’m willing to replace the shaft vs. replacing the engine but not at the this cost.

Any Ideas? Maybe a sister model with the same camshaft specs or a better spot to look for elusive parts. Thanks.

How about getting a used head from the junkyard?

Don’t forget this engine is used in the Neon, PT Cruiser, and probably a slew of other Chrysler cars.