Hard Start when Warm 94 Grand Voyager 3.3L

My 1994 Grand Voyager 3.3L starts well Hot and cold. But warm, it starts very hard. It takes about 15-20 seconds of cranking when warm. If cold or within 1 to 2 min of just turned off, it starts right up in the first 1 to 2 seconds of cranking.

It has a new EGR, new throttle position sensor and new vacuum diaphragm on end of the Fuel injector rail.

What could be causing the hard starting?

do you mean the ambient temp is hot, cold, warm, or do you mean the engine is hot, cold or warm?

Why was the fuel pressure regulator replaced? Was it as a guess on this problem?

The next time it is warm or whatever, hold the throttle to the floor as you turn the key. If that gets it running more easily suspect fuel injectors leaking fuel into the cylinders after the engine shut down. (Holding the throttle down is a flood clear).

When the engine temperature is warm it is hard to start.

The fuel pressure regulator was replaced because it was hard to start all the time, engine cold, engine warm, engine hot. When I removed the regulator vacuum line, I found gasoline. Replacing the regulator and it starts right away engine hot or engine cold. But still have a problem with the engine warm.
I will try flood clear. If this is problem, do you have a recombination for cleaning injectors?

NOTE: My problems started after I had the engine worked on. They did a “tune up”, changed plugs, wires and did a fuel system cleaning. It started getting hard to start right after this service. I took it back, they found a code 32 and replaced the EGR valve and throttle position sensor. Those had little effect. Not long after that it got really hard to start that’s when I replaced the fuel pressure regulator, which fixed it so it starts well hot engine and cold engine.