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Hard start on cold mornings

I have a 95 Volvo 850. The car will start with no problem with an outside temperature of 55 degrees. If it is lower than 55 degrees the car starts & then turns off. After 6 or more attempts to start the car, and you think it is running and I step on the gas, it cuts off. Then a buzzing sound comes from the dash, once the buzzing stops the car starts? Any ideas why this happens? I have been advised it may be something electrical, if this is so why does it not do it when it is warm outside? Sometimes this ritual takes 15-20 minutes before I can get the car running without cutting off.

Is it a diesel? You have to “wait to start” with a diesel, with the key in the “on” position. Once the buzzing stops, it’ll start no problem. This allows enough time for the glow plugs to heat up the cylinders.

Thank you for your reply. No the car is gasoline, not a diesel. I was advised it has something to do with the “cold start swith”, never heard of this. Any suggestions is appreciated.


Are you sure they did not say “Cold start valve?”

I am sure, it could be. Is this a easy repair? I am going to need to hire a mechanic that is for sure. I am not looking to spend high dollars, this is a commuter car with 220k miles, great MPG at 30. My only means of transportation at present.