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Hard shift Ford Taurus auto trans

My 2005 Ford Taurus (3.0 liter engine, auto trans, 117K miles) recently began shifting hard (dropping suddenly, not smoothly) only on the 2-3 shift at 20 MPH. The check engine light is not on, and the car functions perfectly otherwise.
A mechanic removed the trans pan, replaced the filter and fluid, and added Lucas additive. The interior of the trans was clean, and did not have a burned smell. The 2-3 shift did not improve.
Could it be a valve body or a solenoid? Is it repairable? I drive it gently, and the problem hasn’t gotten worse (2 months). What’s up with my trans?

You need to take your Taurus to a good independent transmission shop. They are the pros when it comes to transmission problems. The mechanic was just going as far as he could with his abilities and it was not far enough. Avoid the chain shops like AAMCO.