Hard Idle

Does anyone else’s XL7 idle hard? Its been this way since I got my 2001 XL7 in 2001. Its been hooked up and no problems found.

When you say that is “idles hard”, do you mean that it idles roughly?
If that is the case, it may just be characteristic of this engine.
When Consumer Reports evaluated this vehicle, one of their criticisms was an engine that was noisy and rough, while producing less power than would be expected for the size of the engine.

I would normally suggest that maintenance may be in order to smooth out the idle, but if the engine has been like this since it was new, then changing spark plugs, air filter, cleaning the Idle Air Control (IAC), etc may not help. Then again, if the car is overdue for maintenance, it is worth a try. While it is in the shop, have them check the motor mounts also.

Yes, that is what I meant - rough . I will mention your thoughts at my next maintenance check. What helped a little was one of the quarts during my last oil change was some type of lubrication and that seemed to help minimize the roughness and noise. I figure I’ll use that that every oil change. Thanks so much for your speedy response! Andrea from St. Paul, MN