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Handbrake and check engine light on

I have an Opel (Vauxhall) meriva.
The engine was changed about half a year ago. The check enginw light was on all the time before that and the engine overheated and died. After the engine change the check engine light stayed on all the time. Whenever you plug in a computer, the light turns off and there are no warnings. Now after about 4 months the handbrake light is staying on all the time, although it is disengaged. Dont want to break something so im posting here. Please help. Thank you.

my brake light came on because the level sensor is bad. i unplugged the sensor and the light went off. the fluid level is fine. maybe you might be in the same situation

The brake light doesn’t always mean the hand brake is on. If it is on then there is some code indicating a problem with the braking system. I once had a rusty brake line on my old truck bust when I drove over a branch. I noticed a loss of braking power and then noticed the brake light was on as well.

Definitely get to the bottom of this as it could be a serious issue. It could also just be a faulty sensor indicating the handbrake is on when it isn’t but you need to find out.

There is something wrong with the braking system if this light comes on. You could be low on brake fluid or have a leak somewhere in the system.Stop driving your car immediately and have it towed to the nearest mechanic

You probably have low brake fluid. For the check engine light, whenever that is on (with the engine running) there is supposed to be a diagnostic code stored in the computer memory. You may have a hardware problem with your scan tool, its software compatibility to your car, or the way you are using it, so when you plug it in to check for codes, instead the codes get erased. That turns the check engine light off, but it comes back on when the computer notes the same problem again the next drive-cycle. Evap problems are a common reason for a pesky CEL. Try another scan tool.

Low voltage can sometimes cause strange things to happen with warning lights.