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Halloween Problem

My son (he is 10) and I (I am older)had a great idea for his Halloween costume, I would take a white tee-shirt and run it over with the car, and get tire marks on it and he wear it as ?the guy who got run over by the car costume?.. one thing turned into another and we ?decided? that we would take the spare tire (which is full size) out of the trunk, spray a section of tread with paint (about 120 degrees) and roll that over the shirt? that worked great, the shirt is cool. But now I have about 1/3rd of my spare tire covered in paint (spray paint, it is red). Is that a problem? The spare tire has been I the trunk for the last 4 years (since I owned the car, ?99 BMW 528), I do not think I am in imminent need for a spare, but will the paint hurt the tire, should I do something to remove the paint?

Thanks, and happy Halloween,


Shouldn’t hurt the tire. Anything you’d do to get the paint off would be worse.

Just put the spare back in the trunk and don’t worry about it. If you ever need to use the spare the paint will wear off very quickly. Otherwise it won’t hurt anything.