Half-full vs half-empty

This has shown up recently in an otherwise closed discussion thread:

The pessimist see the glass as half-empty.
The optimist sees the glass as half-full.
The engineer sees the glass as to big.

Actually, the glass is full; it just happens to have two (or more) substances in it.

Ah! A physicist! A subscriber to “anitimatter” theory!

I was talking only about the “promatter” (the liquid and the gas). “Antimatter” brings in a whole other dimension. Multi-verse theory would mean an infinite number of substances in the glass, which would make it more than “full”.

A cheapskate sees the glass as too expensive.

Multiverse might be interpreted as meaning there is an endless number of glasses…
And quantum physicists would say the glass could be anywhere.
Existentialists would just “let the glass be”.

The cheapskate always sees the glass full even if it’s just air.

The older I get the less I really care if the glass is half full or half empty and just wonder if there’s a water shortage or not and have to ration again.

Was it empty to start with and someone filled it halfway and stopped ?-----half full.
Was the glass full to start with then someone drank or emptied out half ?-----half empty.
Who’s fingerprints are on the glass ?

Nervous Nellie would say…Watch out for broken glass!

Some days I am just glad to have something in the glass, half full is better than nothing.

Besides air what else was in the glass?

There is no such thing as a pessimist, just a well informed optimist…

The glass and the measure is the same either half full or half empty. It is the observer that makes the interpretation, but it matters not to the glass. barkydog 02/2014

A realist just sees half a glass…

An optimist is just someone who doesn’t yet know all the facts…

Well, if you subscribe to the “many worlds” theory of alternate universes, the glass exists in all states of being full/empty, everything in between, existing, never having been manufactured at all, having been broken yesterday, etc. Somewhere anyway…

Sure throw Schrödinger’s cat into it, then ask what is consciousness…

Consciousness is that time between naps. Or maybe this is the dream we’re having from that other reality. If so, I wonder what I ate before going to bed…

I hope my other consciousness in the parallel universe did better with life than I did…

@the same mountainbike: I hear ya. Remember the show “Quantum Leap?” There are times in my life that I wished someone would have stepped in and kept me from really effing up a situation :slight_smile: