Ground sire


bought 99 ford expedition 5/9/07

battery & alternator replaced 5/29/07

odometer works some times / failed inspection (also failed for bad tire) dealership said no repsonsibiity out of warranty - didn’t have inspected within time frame?

9/7/09 car completely dead - power windows, etc. auto place who replace battery and alternator says need new starter and solonoid - ground wire bad? sound right? thanks could the ground wire go bad ‘after’ the new alternator and battery installed?


Certainly possible. The ground could have been bad or it could have failed recently. I doubt if there is any way of being sure.


A bad battery ground cable could cause the electrical system to not work but a bad starter and solenoid would only keep you from starting the engine. Another thing to check is the main battery cable connection to the solenoid. There may be a fusible link at the solenoid end that is causing a problem or the main cable itself has some internal corrosion.