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My air conditioner was blowing warm air. I had it charged. Now it groans when I have the air conditioner on. It can be in park, drive, or reverse and it will groan will the a/c is on. If the car is not moving the air will start blowing warm after a few minutes.

Any ideas what it could be? What about the cost of repairs?

Make and model of car and how many miles?

Are the radiator fans running when the AC is on? Where is the groaning noise coming from? Are you sure the compressor drive belt is tight enough?

It is a 2003 Honda Civic Coupe. It has 105,000 miles.

The car has 2 fans. One does not appear to be running. The groaning noise is definitely coming from under the hood. I had the belts checked when I had the A/C charged a couple of weeks ago…I was told they were fine. Any suggestions?