Groaning when steering wheel is turned left

I’ve got a 2000 Infiniti G20 with a 138,000 miles. I noticed that under low speed turns to the left (like pulling out of a parking lot), I would get a groaning that would stop once the steering wheel was pointed straight. (sounds like it is coming from the front left). I though it might be a CV joint or wheel bearing, but then two nights ago, I noticed something new.

Now, it will happen with the car in Drive, but sitting still. If I turn the wheel all the way to the left, it will groan. If I back off a hair, it will still groan. Happens also, if I go in reverse with the wheel turned to the left.

It also seems to happen when the car is pointed straight and just about any speed when I go over a bump. I’ll hear a momentary groan/vibration, just like when it is sitting still.

I’m guessing that it might be a bad motor mount. I recently replaced the primary two, but didn’t replace the one on the transmission side or the one on the front of the engine. I also replaced the tie-rod ends.

It never happens turning to the right.

Maybe a bad shock?

I would suspect a suspension component sooner than a motor mount.

I tend to agree. I think I would have the front end checked out just to make sure. I don’t like noises that eminate from turning the vehicle. It may be something simple but for peace of mind I would get it inspected.

This sounds more like a wheel nut hub not being properly tightened. It could also be a rock caught between the brake pad and the disk.

CV joint?

I’m thinking a possible failing power steering component, perhaps the pump. Have you checked your fluid level?

You could always pop the hood, have a friend turn the wheel, and see where the noise is originating from.

I would suspect a failing power steering pump or one low on fluid. (but of course you have checked that) A bad motor mount MIGHT let something rub but I doubt that.