Grinding sound at wheel

In May I had a new lower ball joint and constant velocity axle put in the front driver’s side. Last month I had new rotors and brake pads put in which reduced sounds when braking. The wheel bearing is fine according to my mechanic. When I am driving I hear a grinding sound coming from the same area. The car seems to drive fine but I am wondering if it is something touching each other now, something else or possibly just a sound that means nothing is really wrong. Any ideas will be appreciated.

If the sound is always there…take it back to the mechanic that did the brakes. There could be an anti-rattle shim that is rubbing.


My thought would also be if not the brakes, look at the wheel bearings. In the best possibility it could just be a rock stuck in your brake caliper.

Sometimes wheel bearings can start out making noise intermittently and then become a constant grind.

This may not be diagnosed by a mechanic until it gets worse. Because it is front wheel drive, it’s also hard to spin the tire fast enough to hear any noises. Many times I have to get the car on my lift and run it in low gear and listen with a stethoscope.

You may have to take it to another mechanic that has a better ear for these noises.