Grinding Noise On Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

My mechanic can not figure this out. I hear a grinding noise sometimes when I take the foot off the accelerator on my girlfriends Toyota Tacoma PreRunner. It only happens when you let go off the accelerator, not when you press the brakes. The axle has been greased, the mechanic tightened the bolts on the catalytic converter. The mechanic can’t figure it out either.

Will the noise rear its head when you rev the engine manually (via the little spool on the throttle body) with your head under the hood?

Model-Year ?


i will try it this weekend & get back to you, but the grinding noise is coming from the around the wheel area, not the engine compartment. & the grinding noise doesn’t happen all the time, I think it is more pronounced during cold starts.

It is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner, 2.7 cylinder V4 with automatic transmission