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Great place to find good used cars

If you are looking for a used car realy do go the old lady route. Retirement villages(not nursing homes) but assisted living centers are great places to find used cars. I worked at one and every month one of the residents would be unable to pass their liscense test. I am not saying try to take advantage of the helpless, offer them a fair price. Many of the cars were lovingly maintained and they would still be driving them if they could. Let them know that you intend to treat their older car with respect and that you want to see that it is treated right

True, as they age their transportation needs change too. Sometimes just moving in to a campus style facility removes the need for a vehicle or changes the need. Example; my now 79 year old dad moved in to a variable assistance living facility then sold his Ford E150 van, with Amigo cart hoist and steps,…to the facility he is now living in ! Then got a little Focus that meets his needs now.

Many older drivers take great care of their cars. Me 80-year old neighbor is a great example. You make a good point.

That’s a good idea. A number of assisted living facilities are going in around here. Would pay to check it out. Thanks!

This is the best place in the world to find a clean Crown Vic or Grand Marq…Or step up to a Buick Roadmaster…

Or a Honda Accord with a 4-speed. My elderly neighbor sold one about 5 years ago.

Don’t just offer them a “fair” price, offer above book. Remember the blue book prices are calculated for the average vehicle. When one of these vehicles is far above the average because of condition, use, and maintainance, Be sure to reward the seller for their diligence and care in kind. As suggested by the OP, you’re not out to sneak a slammin’ deal out of them but to get a known great used vehicle for yourself.
…And with many retirement income investments sinking right now, at least their vehicle investment could see a logical and beneficial return.