Grease Fittings

Are there any suspension grease fittings on a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis?

I’m not sure when the Panthers sealed up their front ends, but by '99 they probably have no fittings…But earlier models certainly did, my '92 had 8 or 9 grease fittings on the suspension and steering… will have your answer if no one here knows for sure…

If the vehicle has the original suspension components then no.

These are sealed systems from the factory. Until that suspension component is replaced with a high quality suspension component do you get the option of a grease fitting.


I might note that a lot of the aftermarket parts are manufactured by the same company (TRW) that produces them for FOMOCO.

Omitting the grease Zerks on the parts supplied to Ford is obviously a FOMOCO bean counter move to shave costs by a few cents.

We have both Ford and GM trucks in our fleet.

I have noticed that the Ford ball joints w/o zerks don’t last as long as the GM ball joints with zerks

Thank you for the info…

My 1988 Caprice still had front end grease fittings; I changed my own oil, but got a $12 grease job at the local service station.