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Grand pre explodes :( $3000 for a lemon>: |

it was a fine day for a bar b q.when all heck brakes loose my friends grand pre ignites in flames…that was the end of that.time to move on he now has a 97 grand marquis.and now when he gives it gas it wont take kinda of jerks. with slight exceleration itll go up to 60 miles an hour.but after that it stops accerlerating all the way to 30 then finally itll start picking up again.thoughts anyone.

Dirty fuel filter.

Read the codes and this problem used to be related to forward oxygen sensors. Sometimes.

If your friend doesn’t have the maintenance records for this car, then unfortunately, he has to assume that no maintenance has been done on it. While there may well be a need for other types of maintenance, I would suggest starting with the fuel filter, as hellokit recommended.