GPS in California

I recently got a GPS, but heard that it is illegal to attach the GPS to the windshield in California. Does anyone know if this law is actually enforced?

Probably not. Definitely not and no way. How big a fine could it possibly be if you get caught? If you heard something and it wasn’t a State Policeman saying it; you can feel free to doubt it. You will need the GPS to find Coco’s in Calabasas. They have big coffee cups. S&S Auto Repair is in L.A. on Rosecrans just off Hawthorne if you have to go there too. If it’s still there.

Ask the CHP.

I just installed a gooseneck mount in my wife’s car for her GPS. It attached to one nut on the floor mount of the passenger side seat, and it’s remarkably easy to install. It can be positioned pretty much any way you want, and it gets the GPS off your windshield yet still within your reach and field of vision.

Look on the website for your GPS’s manufacturer.

I see them in the cars next to me everyday and I don’t see anyone giving them a ticket. Now I know next July or something like that they are going to enforce hands free rules, I don’t know if GPS will go in that list. Check the CA DMV website.

If it is illegal, it might be due to obstruction of your view, or the fact they look a little like radar detectors.