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Got Meth?

Seriously… So, here’s my gig. I don’t do drugs because I can’t afford them. I am a too proud owner of a 1980 International Scout Rallye with the inline 6 SD33T 3.3 liter “turbo” diesel. It is very rare, it is in excellent shape, and I’ve already spent way too much time and energy on it, because I love it. The motor is sound but underpowered for the beast it pushes. I haven’t had to see the piston heads yet, but I fear for my head gasket and aluminum. These engines are susceptible to overheating and cracking pistons, but with mindful practice, will last forever- relatively speaking, of course. This is my 3rd International (one Scout and one Traveller sd33NA). I’m considering putting a Banks water meth system on it, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not. I live in a place with some loooong, torturous hills, and I think that the Banks system might help me preserve the motor by keeping it cooler and adding ponies, thinking if I set it up to fire on EGT alone above 750 or so, I can ensure that it will purge water remnants at idle in about 5 or 10 minutes after its been fired.
Anyone out there know anything about this system or about the SD33T that might be able to advise?

I wouldn’t. Adding stress to an antique tubo diesel has DISASTER written all over it. Make sure it is in perfect tune and live with it.

I totally agree with texases, especially if it’s known for cracking pistons!

How many miles on this engine ?? Have you ran a compression test on it? Was this engine built by 'binder? Is the turbo providing decent boost? Hot-rodding 35 year old engines is folly unless you start at the beginning…

The SD33T was a 3.2L. 105 hp diesel engine made by Nissan…

" Hot rodding 35 year old engines is folly unless you start at the beginning…" That makes me chuckle, Hot Rod Magazine this month has an article about "Half a Hisso’ , a dragster that ran in the 4 cylinder class with a 1914 Hispano-Suiza Aircraft V-8 with one bank cut off.

I can’t answer your question but when it comes to modifications it’s usually a matter of one thing leading to another.

Speaking of long tortuous hills, you should have been around this forum some years ago when the buyer of a brand new Ford diesel modded that new truck with a Banks setup for increased power. It blew it up on the long tortuous hills leading to Flagstaff, AZ during their move from CA.
Warranty null and void and 12 grand of depleted bank account later… :frowning:

Along the lines of racing, I seem to remember that Ford had a race engine back in the early 1900s that had a 300 pound flywheel and redlined at 90 RPM or something like that.
Probably enough torque to yank a mighty redwood out of the ground though.