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Goodyear tires tread depth indicators

Goodyear has made an interesting tread depth indicator on their tires apparently. Thoughts?

Nice idea if anyone will see it. It’s winter now so looking at that requires kneeling down on a wet garage floor with a flashlight trying to see it.

I like it… but it is totally unnecessary for anyone likely to use it.

The traditional wear bars are a perfect Go-No-Go gauge and I can (and do) measure the depth across the face whenever I am interested in how well and how far the tires have worn.

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It actually means to replace them in pairs. No, replace them by 2:PM. It could be the tire guy’s employee number. Replace them if only two lug nuts remain. Replace them after two beers.

I like it, I won’t go into winter with less than 4/32 and the conventional tread indicators are at 2 /32. Plus, I keep misplacing my depth gauge.

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I like it too. No cost way to let me know what’s going on with the tread depth.

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OK OK, I’ll go check my tires. I keep the gauge in the same little drawer with my other tire stuff-I think. Maybe that’s where my awl is that I can’t find.

I guess it takes one to know one. I was going to add a smile emogi but for some reason the red banner is covering up most of where I reply again.

Has the site changed again, not only is the red banner covering where I reply and I can’y scroll out from under it or shring the reply to uncover it, but when I click on my avatar, I only get bing’s reply.

@cdaquila FYI

@oldtimer_11 I’m not seeing any new changes personally

I’m more conservative than you. I won’t drive on all-season tires less than 6/32 at any point in winter.

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I suspect that differences from one forum member to another are related to the browser that they use.
I am using Chrome, Version 87.0.4280.141, and have not experienced any problems on this site for…
a long time.


slightly older version (78.0.3904.108) since I’m at work and have no control over version updates for software, but I doubt that there’s a significant difference. My home PC uses the most updated version (likely the same as yours) and functionality is exactly the same as here.

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I like it, but the wear bars are fine too. It seems more like a marketing gimmick than anything else. Anyone that looks at the new Goodyear wear bars is likely to already be aware of the old style wear bars and might want to pay for the new version. I guess we’ll see if this helps Goodyear sales. I’ll continue to buy tires based on tests of handling, noise, and wear as I’ve done for a few decades.

I guess I’m OK. One is at 9 and the other at 6. Years ago I was having some tire noise but I wasn’t sure if it was a tire or bearing so Tires Plus or someone advertised free rotation so I went there. The guy about went nuts and said the guys wouldn’t touch a 3 or less. I don’t know what they were, not totally worn but I just walked out on him. I think the idea was to sell tires not to rotate them but I wasn’t about to buy tires there. You know, when you advertise free stuff, don’t get mad when someone takes you up on it.

You are due for a lecture from one of the Car Talk vehicle maintenance preachers. How could one tire’s tread depth ever be more than 1/32" from another?

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I thought it was clear that the tires on one car are at 9/32 and the tires on the other car are at 6/32", so I’m above 5.

I understand, you have 8 tires that measure 6/32" and 9/32".

I have 40 tires but I have not measured most of them recently.

So that’s 8 cars, each has 4 tires plus a spare? :laughing:

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I have 4 registered vehicles, 3 have tires that have been installed in the last 2 years.

The other vehicles have tires that keep the vehicles off the ground.