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Good Used Car

I’m helping a friend look for a car. She lives in Tomah, she’s 19 years old and very skinny. I would tell her a hybrid toyota prius, or ford focus, or a PT Crusier. I also like the Dodge Neon, god I wish they still made those. Any other car help?

Xcel8ter, Please Give A Price Range And Tell How The Car Will Be Used.

Is this a purchase? We won’t help thieves. Roughly, how will the car be driven? Usually one person, two, or more, and what is the maximum? Cargo room? How many miles per month or year and is miles per gallon a consideration?

Yes, affordability will be the major issue and miles driven willl determine whether a hybrid makes economic sense.

The new Consumer Reports car issue just came out, buy it, it has lots of ideas and suggestions on good used cars.

Not just how many miles…but HOW they were driven. If mostly highway then a hybrid isn’t a good choice.

I’d would go with a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. Both EXTREMELY reliable vehicles. Th PT Cruiser is just a rebadged Neon…both have had MAJOR reliability problems over the years.

forget the Chrysler products, junk mostly and you won’t be able tgo be able to be service soon as they go out of business. Toyota, Ford, Honda all great.

What does her being very skinny have to do with anything? I would say that at 19 years old and looking for a used car, I wouldn’t be looking for a hybrid, if for nothing else the expense of the vehicle and any repairs if necessary.

Best look for a well maintained car. If you are not sure what that means take any prospective car to an independent mechanic for a once over. You can even get in touch with one and tell him/her that you will be bringing a few cars to look at.

See the new issue of Consumer Reports for extensive surveys and information on relliability.