Good used car for under $2000 in Woodbridge, VA?

My father and I are still looking for a car for me. We expanded our budget to $2000 or so. We’re looking for something that is good on gas and on the smaller size. We’re also looking for something with good vision , as i am a small person. Because we live in Prince William County, It has to be currently inspected for emissions and the general inspection. Does anyone know of anything that fits this description within this budget? It doesn’t have to be in woodbridge itself, but withi n 50 miles of our zip code 22172. Thanks for the help!

Check every craigslist within reasonable proximity. Have a mechanic handy to look at potential cars.

It’s difficult to use “good used car” and “under $2,000” in the same sentence. Good used cars typically start at $5,000, anything less will need an equivalent amount of repairs. Find someone who’s grandparent passed away and buy their barely used Ford Crown Victoria.

Also check the Washington Post classifieds and local classified ads to see if there a car that meets you price. Expect it to be about 10 years old and maybe older. I agree with twotone that older sellers, especially ones on a fixed income, often keep their cars a long time and take good care of them. Also ask friends and neighbors. Maybe they know someone that might want to sell a car.