Good Test drive. Broken Car?

So yesterday i was test driving a pre-owned 2015 DSG GTI. I fell in love with the car, 50k miles, aftermarket exhaust and an extremely good price point. While i was on the test drive a cloud of white smoke came out of the exhaust for about 5 seconds then did not reappear for the remainder of the test drive. This was after the engine had heated up but it also was not the hardest i pushed the engine. Being that i am potentially going to buy this car and do not necessarily trust the dealer to be honest on wether or not it passed their inspection, i just wanted to see if this could possibly not be a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder block. The car had sat for about a week before i drove it so idk if that had anything to do with it. if anyone has any idea on if this could be a fluke please lmk, i really did love that car…

AFAIK white smoke shouldn’t happen under any circumstances. I’d steer clear and keep looking. Sorry.

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run away from this one

It sounds like you could be in for some extremely expensive repairs


I’d be curious why a nice 2015 car with only 50K miles was on the used car lot. And for a “good price point”.

You may have discovered the reason for the good price. Count yourself lucky. I’d walk away too.

If that exhaust system is a “performance-oriented” one, that might give you a clue as to the reason for possible engine damage. People who modify a car in the interest of higher power output are typically not those who will drive in a conservative manner. Or, to be more blunt, the engine was likely flogged–
a lot.

I don’t buy used cars, but if I did, I would definitely avoid those with performance upgrades.


If you are really interested in it, take it to a mechanic you trust for a prepurchase inspection. Maybe they can sort it out for you.

2015 could be lease turn in. 50k miles is 3-4 yrs on avg and folks get bored. if the price is lower then any other you have seen, then it is probably low for a reason.