Good or bad car

looking to buy a good used car could somebody tell me about these cars good bad or anything 2008 dodge avenger 2.4l,2008 saturn vue,2009 dodge nitro

For (expected) reliability ratings check out the recent Consumer Reports Annual auto issue.

The best of what you list is Saturn Vue IMHO. The Dodge/Chrysler probably have a great price and if it appeals to you go for it.

Avoid the Nitro. Saturn Vue first then Dodge Avenger.

You’re really limiting yourself with this selection, and overlooking many good cars.

Get the latest issue of Consumer Reports magazine, and check the selection of recommended used cars listed by price range. You should be able to find something.

I’d add to consider ANYTHING that Consumer Reports rates as average or better - the differences between all those vehicles for reliability are generally so small as to be statistically insignificant.

They do require that a vehicle be average or better to be recommended, but they aren’t recommended solely because they’re average or better. Let the buyer decide what shape of seat or styling they like.

At the price range he’s likely looking at, you could get plenty of good domestic models still under warranty or a good number of fairly recent imports, possibly still under warranty, but not as likely…

The Avenger and Vue should have the same maintenance costs over the next 5 years; the Avenger will cost a bit more in repairs. The Nitro will we about 15% higher to maintain, but will cost over 50% more to repair than the other two. If you like the SUV, get the Vue. It’s based on the Opel Antara design, so parts should be available for a while.

Instead of the Avenger, why not get the 1st generation Ford Focus? And if you are willing to look for a foreign make, why not try a used Corolla/Civic? They may be a little older, but still very good.

While CR tries to find one good thing about each car, they could not find one with the Nitro. A Ford Escape, its Mazda Tribute twin, or a 2nd generation Chevy Equinox would be better.

The Vue is OK, but see above.

Because the Avenger is 8 years newer than the 1st gen Focus?
Fusion is comparable to the Avenger and the Escape is comparable to the Nitro, I think, or maybe the Flex.
Mazda CX-7 is a nice sporty crossover, if that’s what you’re looking for