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Good luck to you all out east with the snow and wind

Sounds like you all might get hit pretty good this time. So stock up and stay off the roads and wish you luck. That kind of wind and snow, you can’t even breath in and can get lost and disoriented in no time.

I was also thinking about the Northeast guys like MikeinNH and the same mountainbile. We got a little rain today in the Baltimore/DC area but nothing freezing yet.

A perfect excuse to while away the hours in the CT community.

We’re supposed to get 12 to 18 inches between now on tomorrow here in SW CT. Not too bad. I don’t mind because of not having plans to go anywhere anyway on account of it snowing wickedly.

I used to live in snowy Colarado on the western slope of the Rockies, and every once in a while we’d get a big snow blizzard. One time I was coming home from work, and it started snowing so hard I simply couldn’t see past the hood of the truck; I certainly couldn’t see where the road was. But it appeared I was near an intersection as I could see a stop sign nearby. I was about 4 blocks from home, so I turned off the truck, bundled up, took my flashlight with me, and walked home. The next morning I went to find my truck, and there it was, parked right on somebody’s front lawn!

I agree with Bing. In the North East, snow is not unusual and most fair quite well as the cities are well prepared. But, blinding snow storms with limited visibility are no place to be when cities, towns and states are trying to keep roads clear. May everyone be safe and stay at home if you can. Cell phones and AAA cards can be false security if help can’t get to you in time. The good news is, it’s Feb. and snow melts sooner then later and we have had much less snow over the winter to deal with. In most places, there is plenty of room to move it…so just.
Hunker down with your honey.

Maybe we can post few pics after the storm ?

First job is to find a door I can open enough to get outside.

The media Cassandras were predicting gloom and doom (mostly the latter) for the entire Northeast, but, with the exception of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and NY’s Long Island, this was not really a very dramatic event. Here in the beautiful rolling hills of Central NJ, we got 5 3/4 inches, which I have already cleared from the driveway with my snowblower.

Truthfully, if not for the fact that I had already filled the snowblower’s gas tank yesterday, I wouldn’t have even bothered to use it for this light snowfall.

P.S.–Comparing the forecasts for my area, the disparity was incredible, especially when you consider that they are all drawing largely or entirely on data from the National Weather Service.
The predictions for my area were as follows:
Channel 2 (CBS)–7-9 inches
Channel 4 (NBC)–3-6 inches
Accuweather–5-10 inches
Weather Underground–"up to 7 inches"
And, most bizarre of all…The Weather Channel stated that my area would have only rain, and no snow!

So, by my interpretation, Channel 4 was the most accurate.

This storm will not be much worse than any in the past. I’m appalled how unprepared some people are. The news media interviewed a number of drivers who admitted not having winter tires.

They also talked to an Eastern city transportation official who said “winter tires won’t help you since they won’t cut through the ice underneath”. Michelin never designed their winter tires to “cut through the ice”.

Michelin never designed their winter tires to “cut through the ice”.

No, but their X-ice tires do a damn good job while riding on top of that ice!

That transportation manager is obviously not familiar with modern winter tire technology.

For what it’s worth, my oldest son is a climatologist and does a bit of meterologicial weather forecasting as a side gig for NPR out where he lives. Like most, he thinks the majority of weather people on TV are an embarassment.

As he told me a few years back:
A forecaster can make a reasonalby accurate prediction for 3 days off but even that is no guarantee as dozens of models are used to make that prediction.
Five days off is a wild guess.
Seven to ten days off is way, way beyond a wild guess.

Personally, I like 3 weeks of winter and get it over with…

OK–I agree that long-range forecasts are just not anywhere near accurate.
However, those wildly different forecasts for my area were as recent as mid-day yesterday!

We got what was forecast. Clearing 24" from the drive and it’s still whiteout snowing ! Wind gust 54 mph, 70plus just coastal Southeast of us.

We got about 24 inches but because of the wind several feet in some places. My rambler is stored in a portable garage-tent. It has worked well.
Well, I had a five foot pile of snow on one side and about two feet on the roof of the tent. After I had dug out a trench, I talked by to get the snow broom to get the stuff off the roof of the portable garage tend and it collapsed on me! I was buried under several hundred pounds of snow and it took me about five minutes to crawl out of that mess.

I went on clearing the driveway and later out, after looking at the portable garage, figured out how close it was. The pipes on one side had collapsed. Scary stuff.

This is why we moved back to the left coast, left side of Cascades-Predicability and mildness.

Somebody’s having fun with his Kubota tractor.

@OK4450 I agree that forcasting is difficult, especially the future!

Anywhere near the Rocky Mountains the weather is so variable that the saying is: “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes!”

"Somebody is having fun…"
I t almost didn’t start. It was colder then I anticipated, about nine degrees and I didn’t plug in the block heater as the forcast was for near 20 degrees. It never got there. If it didn’t, I still would be shoveling.

it’s to the point I don’t even pay much attention to the weather forecast from anyone. NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS will call for 3~6 inches of snow and the most we get is a light dusting in my town.

People head out and grab whatever they can, thinking it’s the end of the world or something, then we barely get anything at all. I needed a couple things the day after christmas and went early in the morning(before sunrise) and we were just starting to get snow coming down. I remember telling the cashiers that I felt sorry for them and wished them luck because it was the day after christmas AND they were calling for lots of snow. Turned out we DID get a bunch of snow(for our area anyways), but I didn’t need to go anywhere for a few days

“People head out and grab whatever they can, thinking it’s the end of the world or something,”

Most of all, they buy the following:
Bread, milk, & eggs

Apparently, when snow is forecast, people get an intense desire for French Toast.

And forget that, if the power goes out, they won’t be able to COOK the eggs. Milk should be OK since it’ll likely be cold.

Reminds me of the hurricane episode of the Simpsons where the Kwik E Mart had marked out the “cat” part of Cat Chow and renamed it Hurricane Chow.