[Golf 3 TDI ] AC stops when engine warm

Hello all,

I have a strange problem on my Golf 3 TDI.
The air conditionner stops when the engine is warm.
In fact I did some tests .
When the engine temperature is under 90 degree the air conditioner works fine when the engine reach 90 it stops.

if the engine is already warm the air conditionner never starts. I have just to let the engine off for some minutes and when i turn it on again the AC is OK for some moment then stops.

Finally I disconnected the coolant temperature sensor( 4 wires Green) ( i lost the temp display of course ) but the AC works fine even when the engine is warm

I thought that the sensor is dead , I changed it but I got the same problem

Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot in advance :slightly_smiling_face: