GMC Suburban won't go straight



I have a 1999 GMC Surburban with 67,000 miles that will not go straight unless you hold the steering wheel tightly and constantly put pressure to the right or left. It is as if you are driving on a ball all the time.

The driver cannot take eyes off the road more than a couple of seconds, or the vehicle will be off the road or heading to the next lane.

I have had the wheels aligned at different alignment shops, but the results are the same. I wonder if the specifications for this model might not be accurate.


It isn’t an alignment problem. It could be a tire problem or something in the front end that is binding causing the problem.

I would start by crossing the front tires and see if it pulls in the other direction. If that doesn’t work the next thing would be is to get the front end up in the air and see if you can turn the tires from one stop to the other. If it turns very hard then something is binding, a ball joint or tie rod. I have also seen a CV joint that is binding cause this type of problem but normally there would be a clicking/clunking noise indicating a CV joint problem.


this sounds like a steering issue, more than a alignment issue. it may be the steering rack.

has this been in an accident in it’s life? any other history to share? any other repair work done since it has been veering off by itself?


it is also possible that a worn bushing in the rear spring or anything else loose in the rear could allow the rear axle to shift and cause the truck to wander.




how long has it been doing this? Did anything happen to initiate this?

I wouldn’t drive it, sounds dangerous.