GMC pickup 2500 1993 with 58000 miles

I drove it to Norman the other day and it run ok, But when I start home it die at a red light but it did start up and I got home, But it is runing rough and will not idel and it don’t speed up very good either do you think it may be the fuel pump,need help don’t know where the best place to take it to.

If the fuel filter hasn’t been replaced recently you could that. Check the plugwires for a problem also.

You may have to clean the throttle body and/or replace the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.

When were the plugs and wires replaced last? Tune up?

Don’t start throwing parts at it. Is the CEL on? Get a proper diagnosis before proceeding. Ignition components can be checked. So can fuel pump operation. There are simple tests for most of the sensors on this ODB-I system.

If your looking for a place to take it, this site has a search for mechanics in your area. Look under Actual Car Information from the link above.

I thank you for your reply, I would tried to fix it if I knew where to start but it has me guessing it has never had any thing done to it, plugs has been change but the wires have not.

But I feel like it is in the fuel some where or the throttle body