Gm silverado

on show 2011 5 Chuck from Elkhart IN says his Silverado when stopped at stop light, like someone runs into the back. Kind of a lurch forward, mine does the samething. It seems to be in the trans.It never happens for the dealer 04 2500HD W/Allison 150k

Hi, I used to drive a chevy pickup that would do the same thing. What it was was the rear brake shoes were soaked by differential fluid from bad seals. The brakes would grab while stopping then would release with a bang just like you are saying. You could do an easy check if you pull the rear drums and see the oil from the dif. New seals and shoes and you should be all set!! good luck

Hi Mikela,

The issue is driveline slack and the trans yoke. (input).

You need a special GM lube (google GM driveline clunk lube).

Make sure that you remove the driveline, clean the input and the trans shaft. (Clean it very well!)

Fill the input yolk with the special lube.

Reinstall drive line.

Note: You’ll have to repeat this about every 10 to 20k miles.

The experience you’re relaying is the driveline “unloading” on the transmission, and yes, it does feel exactly like a light rear end collision. It doesn’t hurt anything, and has been an issue for over 20 years.